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tv   Today  NBC  June 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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combined. we have a lot more work to do. good morning. in contempt. as casey anthony breaks down in the courtroom, the judge threatens her lawyer for withholding information about a key witness. what the shocking charge could mean to the explosive murder trial. gossip girl. sarah palin's daughter tells all in a new memoir revealing timate details about her personal life and her mom while taking her battle with ex-fiance levi johnston to a whole new level. the big man. larger than life with his sax by his side he helped create a sound that defined bruce springsteen and e street band. today we remember the one and only clarence clemons on sunday,
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today we remember the one and only clarence clemons on sunday, june 19th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. to all the 70 million dads out there, including you. >> and happy father's day to my dad. and you are like a daughter. you didn't think i would say that. >> i appreciate it. i don't know what the policy is on wishing happy father's day to everyone. cover all bases. >> we hope all the dads out there have a great day. we have a lot to get to, including the afternoon on the links. this is a big game in a lot of ways. the two were together saturday for a golf summit. they have clashed in washington,
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famously, but did their powerplay bring them any closer? we'll talk about it. summer begins on tuesday, but another heat wave is headed our way this afternoon. huge parts of the country could see record-breaking temperatures in the triple digits along with powerful and, yet dangerous storms. we'll have the latest on the extreme weather and what you can expect just ahead. what is an old dress worth? if it is the one that marilyn monroe wore in this classic scene, a lot. we told you about this last week. the auction is taking place and what they got for that dress is simply astounding. we'll tell you about the winning bid coming up. >> lester has been talking about the dress the entire morning. it is a must-have for you. we'll continue our father's day series. like father, like son. you spent some time with the racing legends. >> the famous nascar driver. they told me what father's day means for them and how they have
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found success together on and off the track. but, before we get to all that, let's start with the golf summit between president obama and john boehner. by all accounts, the outing was a success and one that ended with a cold drink at the clubhouse patio. athena jones joins us from the white house with more. good morning. >> the white house says this golf match was a chance to get together with the speaker of the house in a more casual environment than you would find here at the white house or the halls of congress. from everything we've seen and heard, the foursome had fun out there on the links. a much-anticipated round of golf. president obama and house speaker john boehner hit the links saturday morning. teeing off at one of the president's favorite golf spots, andrews air force base in maryland. stirring up excitement on the course. part photo student, part social event and part shop talk.
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the couple has sparred off the green on everything. >> it's the kind of thing that the president believes is useful for the leaders in washington to do more frequently, not the game itself, but to sit across each other or to engage with each other in a nonconfront frontitational way. >> reporter: on the first hole the house speaker showed why this month's golf digest ranked him the 43rd best golfer in washington. the president came in at number 108, according to the magazine. he tapped in on that hole, sharing a pat on the back and the golf cart with the ohio republican. an avid golfer who was not about to pass up the chance to play with the commander in chief. >> you don't say no to the president. >> reporter: a round of golf for the history books, where the president took the wheel of the golf cart and no red states, no blue states, just the green. now, the white house and the speaker's office say the president and the speaker teamed
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up to beat vice president biden and kasich winning the 18th hole and we're told the president and the speaker each won $2. >> thank you very much. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. clearly a fun outing. will this open up things between the two? any expectation it could lead to more fruitful conversations on matters of importance? >> it can't hurt. some set pieces here. how do you get boehner and the president together and more active on conversation to work on the hard politics in what they're dealing with? look, we're just a few weeks away from real crunchtime when it comes to raising the debt ceiling and really very simple. the heart of the negotiations whether the republicans will deal at all with republicans and taxes and make further cuts in medicare. the president is interest ed
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enough in some grand bargain that he sees not critical to raising the debt ceiling but important politically. these are important decisions for republicans and democrats to make and you're seeing an effort to pave the way for something in that golf outing. >> the clock is ticking down to raising the debt ceiling. there's been this bipartisan group. any optimism, they may make progress to find the needed cuts? >> well, i think they're actually making progress on the cut piece of it. they're over $1 trillion when it comes to that, by the way, that's controversial enough, especially on the democratic side in terms of what they're cutting. but, again, that piece, are you going to cut medicare, which is part of the entitlement picture that is really driving this deficit and on the republican side, are you willing to, if you're not going to deal in tax rates and actually raising taxes, can you find revenue by tax loopholes in some of the other areas, which, again, are incredibly controversial because the tea party wing and the real budget hawks and tax hawks on the republican side who say, no
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way, will we raise tax rates in any way, shape or form. the kind of purity tax on taxes on the right right now. >> we're running out of time for republicans who want to run for president. it takes that much time to raise money and we see rick perry sending his peepinal to iowa testing the waters, perhaps a run is in the offing there and what is the word on perry that he could come in at a late date? >> his aides right now are saying a 50/50 shot. he's creating a lot of buzz and a couple reasons why you could keep an eye on perry. job creation, growth in the state, that's certainly a message he could sell. still, he has that social conservative strength and tea party credentials, as well. there's room for that in this race right now. if you look at mitt romney, tim pawlenty and even john huntsman. they're not the darlings of the tea party or social conservatives. still room for that in the race. >> david gregory, good to see
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you. see you a bit later on "meet the press." here's jenna. >> thank you, lester. sad news this morning from the world of music. clarence clemons the popular sax man for bruce springsteen's e street band. the most popular member of the band and played with a passion unmatched by most. lee cowan looks back at the life of clarence clemons. >> reporter: he was on clarence clemons broad shoulders that the boss set music history. the big man, big notes were the pillar of the e street band. his sax helping weave his blue collar in jazz and talk. clemons was known for a lot. jovial and charismatic stage presence made the 6'4", 250 pound saxophonist truly larger
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than life. born in norfolk, virginia, to a baptist preacher, clemons started playing the sax at just 9 years old. one of the original members of springsteen's e street band. he walked off the street into a new jersey bar. clemons recently recalled during an interview. >> we fell in love and that's still there. it's still there. ♪ >> reporter: in a statement, springsteen said, with clarence at my side, my band and i were able to tell a story far deeper than those simply contained in our music. his life, his memory and his love will live on in that story and in our band. as he got older, clemons was plagued by debilitating ailments from back problems to knee ailments. he kept playing. he was always in demand.
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everyone from jackson browne to lady gaga. the sound was unmistaken. last week, a stroke sent the big man to a palm beach hospital and he never left. at 69, he is being remembered for a style of playing that was almost spiritual and for a friendship that never waned, even in the rocky world of rock 'n' roll. lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> here's something you may not have known. he was an athlete. he tried out for the dallas cowboys and the cleveland browns at one point in his career and met springsteen in 1971 at a lightning storm at a bar and the rest was history. if you have ever seen him play, you never saw a guy with more passion and more gusto for the craft than clarence clemons. >> i remember the last time they played here being close to the stage and just watching in fascination. >> you could see it. absolutely, he will be missed. melissa francis has a check
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of our other top stories of the morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in libya where the government is accusing nato of bombing a residential area in their latest strike overnight. life in triply with more. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning. a libyan government says this is proof of what they have been alleging all along. nato is deliberately targeting civilians. officials say as many as seven people were killed in this residential area, including a small child. they say there are also possibly people still buried under the rubble. this neighborhood is known as an anti-gadhafi neighborhood and two residents of that neighborhood came up to reporters off camera and said there was an anti-aircraft gun behind the buildings. nato was conducting air strikes in tip oly and they wouldn't comment on this specific investigation. >> thank you so much. back here at home, more than 40,000 people are waking up
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without power in metropolitan atlanta after severe weather on saturday. the storm with high winds toppled trees and power lines. one woman suffered minor injuries when a tree fell on her car. and bristol palin is dishing personal details in her new tell-all book. the book is due out next week, but the associated press purchased a copy. in it they report how sarah palin's daughter blasts her boyfriend calling him "a nat constantly spreading accusations against our family." and "he cheated on me as frequently as he sharpened his hockey skates." that iconic marilyn monroe dress worn in the 1955 film "the seven-year itch" has sold for $4.6 million on saturday. the dress is part of a collection of film memorabilia collected by actress debbie reynolds. that includes the dress and
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shoes from "wizard of oz. kae " the cost of maintaining the item was too high, she had to sell. rory mcilroy shot 68 on saturday. that is the lowest u.s. open total of all time. you can catch all the action from congressional right here on nbc starting at 1:30. perfect for father's day. that's the news, now, back to lester, jenna and chris. >> 4.6 million. $4.6 million? >> lester is like i had like 200 bucks all ready to go for this thing. >> how do these people calculate the value of these things. >> it's iconic, they have to have that dress. do you think that dress will ever by worn again? >> no, no. >> the most expensive dress in the closet ever. chris warren is here with a check of the weather. >> good morning, happy father's day.
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happy father's day, dad. sigss btormso fintoupg heupup middle of the country. o toadrnwatch looks likade it h ended. you can see the red-shaded area moving into kentucky. steamy weather most of this month in atlanta and miami has been 90 or warmer for daytime highs. 27 consecutive days of 90 degrees or warmer in houston. it remains very hot in the and youan see we still have low crowds around parts of the bay area this morning. our temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. what's really interesting to see, notice the winds in santa rosa changing out of the northeast. that's the reason why our skies will clear during the day, and our temperatures are going to warm up, especially in our north and east bay valleys where we'll see mid to upper 80s, maybe near 90 in fairfield. low 80s san jose. 67 in san francisco. the warm-up we'll see just in time for father's day will kick in monday, tuesday and wednesday. inland temperatures in the 90s. now, here's lester. >> chris, thanks. in florida, a trial is under way involving the death of a
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young athlete who died after a work out with his college football team. now, a jury must decide if this tragedy could have been prevented. nbc's mark potter reports. >> reporter: in the wrongful death suit against the football program, it's in an uncomfortable spotlight. in march, 2008, 19-year-old player eric plancher collapsed and died. the medical examiner said he died from sickle cell that can be aggravated by extreme heat and exercise. during the civil trial in orlando, a cardiologist agreed with that ruling. >> he died of a complications of sickle cell trait. >> reporter: his family argues the athletic association knew from tests he had the sickle cell condition, but didn't warn or protect him. >> eric plancher had no idea he had sickle cell trait.
6:16 am
>> reporter: she can't remember if she notified plancher of his condition. plaintiffs also claim on the day of the workout they describe as grueling ucf football coach shouted obscenities when he faltered and couldn't complete the exercises. testifying on video a former teammate described plancher's collapse. >> he was just laying there limp like nothing and that's when i feel they realized something was really wrong with him. >> reporter: sickle cell trait was not the cause, that plancher died from an undiagnosed heart condition. >> it's no one fault that his heart condition became symptommatic on march 18th, 2008. >> reporter: the university athletic association should not be held libel for the death the family attorney calls tragic and unnecessary. for "today" mark potter nbc news, miami. >> the defense can prove that
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water was available to all the players. trial is expected to last three weeks resumes tomorrow. up next on "today," gotcha. how an ynle o photnlnabbph a thief. right after this. na
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they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but for one burglary victim in darion, connecticut, a photo he found online was worth a single word, gotcha. mike tiabbi has the story. >> reporter: he reacted like any robbery victim when he discovered someone broke into the apartment he lives in with his wife and son. >> when you feel like someone intruded your home and walked right through your place and go through your private items. >> reporter: some valuable items were not taken. computers and cameras and stereo components, for example. gone were items easily pocketed. cell phones and jewelry, including one $2,000 designer watch around $7,000 in value for
6:19 am
all the missing items. for the police, not major crime and no paper trail to follow but maybe that fancy watch was the key. >> different avenues that we can look for. pawnshops to see if it was sold. >> reporter: no luck, though, that wasn't surprising. in fact, in darian in other splar stories, only one in five property crimes get solved and he was not going to wait around to be another negative statistic. so, he made a decision. >> i'm going to start to become a sherlock holmes. >> reporter: he figured it was someone who knew his apartment and knew his two big dogs well enough to calm them. his guest, a neighbor's trouble teenaged son. he did most of his investigating online. checking buy and cell websites like e bay and craigslist for any of his missing items. no hits, but when he scoured the website for the high school the suspect attends, there they
6:20 am
were. two prom photos of his watch on the wrist of his suspect. >> i said, yep, this is my watch. >> reporter: he took the photos to the police and they took them to the suspect. >> when we showed him the pictures, the proof was right there. >> reporter: a lesson for some crimes in the digital age, help yourself. and for eddy, his cell phones and that fancy watch and most of his wife's jewelry have been recovered. the suspect, a minor, under arrest. for "today" mike taibbi. still to come, casey anthony breaks down at her murder trial as her lawyer may be in serious trouble with the judge. but, firi'm these messages. because he hangs here. because you don't see this everyday. (child) because we read the books . (man) and watched the movies . and now we're living it. because i can fly with harry. follow me! because now i can turn my brother
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good morning to you, i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda with a father's day forecast that might make you want to go to lunch and not breakfast this morning. >> yeah. we have the low clouds out there this morning but we're going to see a pattern change right around lunchtime. right now we've got low clouds again this morning just like yesterday at this time, but the change we're going to start to see is actually taking place right now in santa rosa. you can see 40s and 50s outside. we're starting to see the winds picking up out of the north which will dry out the air and warm things up as we go throughout the day. obviously no worries about rain other than localized mist with some of those patchy low clouds this morning. so we've got the clouds around for the morning.
6:27 am
then as we mentioned right around lunchtime we'll see breezy conditions in the hills. look at our temperatures inland today. we'll hit more 80s than we saw yesterday. 60s around san francisco. so cool on the coast until tomorrow. then we'll see temperatures on the coast jumping into the 70s and 90s as early as tomorrow and especially tuesday and wednesday as summer rolls in. it's going to feel like it, mid-90s in the warmest places inland for the middle part of the week. >> thank you very much, rob. hundreds of volunteers are still searching for missing nursing student michelle le who has not been seen in more than three weeks and who hayward police believe is no longer alive. family and advocates are organizing all of the searches now for the missing 26-year-old woman. they will search parts of the hayward foothills and niles canyon from 8:00 this morning until noon. it's the same area they searched over the last two days because police say le's phone was pinging on cell towers in that area after she disappeared. volunteers got instructions on what to look for and how not to disturb evidence should they find anything suspicious. hayward police are working the
6:28 am
case as a homicide investigation, but le's family refuses to give up hope that she is still alive. two hikers got more adventure than they bargained for in big sur. the pair was rescued by the monterey county sheriff' search and rescue team from a mountain side last night. the two got stuck 300 feet above the river on their way home from a swimming trip. deputies say they were trying to return to their campsite. they were not injured. in san francisco, police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit and run crash. a man in his 40s or 50s was killed in the mission district yesterday morning as he was crossing the street. investigators say it happened near the intersection of mission and 18th street around 10:30. witnesses say the man responsible was driving a white minivan, possibly a chevy. the mission is busy that time. morning. police are asking anyone who might have witnessed anything to call them about that crash. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," police investigate an overnight stabbing near an
6:29 am
upscale grocery store in san francisco. that story and all of the day's top news coming up at 7:00. right now here's more of the "today" show.
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and we're back on this sunday morning, june 19th, 2011. happy father's day, everybody! happy father's day to you, lester. again. for the third time and happy father's day to the most special person in my life, hi, dad. now, i don't have to get you anything. is that good? >> that's good. >> how is the last 30 something years with me been? perfect? i love you so much. i'm sorry for everything i did. >> what did she get you?
6:31 am
>> that was it. >> cheap but priceless. how about that? to everybody at home, as well. out on the plaza, i'm lester wolfe. i'm jenna wolfe. i got nervous, my parents are here. >> your parents are here, you want to put your best foot forward. i'm jenna wolfe. >> we're going to get serious and talk about this roller coaster of a trial that is called the casey anthony trial. >> her defense attorney now is in trouble with the judge because suddenly some testimony aloud in that no one expected and that is against the rules. the attorney could be hit with contempt of court charges. we'll tell you about that coming up. we'll talk about who's coming to america. the very famous couple. royal newlyweds are on their way over here. prince william and princess catherine. they're traveling to los angeles and a visit full of plenty of
6:32 am
star power. you think? their itinerary just released. we'll tell you what they're up to in just a couple minutes. we'll spend part of the father's day in the fast lane. continue our series like father, like son with richard petty and his son, kyle. racing has been in their blood for four generations. i was able to spend some time with them last week. i want to say hi to a special group we have right here from the emma bowen foundation. you're all working with the media for the summer.cus is nbc >> you are working -- >> turner. >> you're having your big luncheon in new york tomorrow. you know what i'm doing today? writing that speech. i'll say something with plenty of wisdom, i hope. congratulations to emma bowen foundation. much bigger group in town. we'll see you later on.
6:33 am
chris warren is standing by and has a check of our weather. >> nice day on the plaza. johnny says, hi, mom. oh, yeah, it's father's day, old man. are you having a good time? >> we're having a great one. great day here in new york. >> all right, hope you have a great time. it is going to be a great day if you plan to spend any times outdoors and if you plan on watching golf, we will deal with some storms throughout much of bethesda, maryland, where we'll see temperatures in the mid-80s and rounds and rounds of thunderstorms. hopefully we can get this day in here. we'll see those storms stretch from the mid-atlantic to the heartland and up around canada around north dakota and montana and still remain sizzling throughout much of the sout and here's a look at some of the high temperatures we'll see later today. still pretty cool around san francisco and the coast, but inland today as the winds change direction, we start to see north winds kicking in during the day. that's going to lead to our
6:34 am
temperatures warming up. we'll see more 80s inland and especially come monday, tuesday and wednesday we're talking high into the 90s climb inland as summer officially starts tuesday. then as the sea breeze kicks in thursday and friday, we'll see cooling as we approach next weekend. now, to the case against casey anthony and this weekend the courtroom saw some of the most graphic evidence presented since the trial began, but the bigger story may be what the judge had to say about anthony's defense attorney. kerry sanders now with the latest from orlando. >> reporter: on saturday accused murderer casey anthony cried or just looked away as the key defense expert graphically discussed her 2-year-old's daughter autopsy. >> this is a skull of a human
6:35 am
being. >> reporter: holding that skull from the lab as demonstration, dr. warner spit says his examination of caylee's remains do not support the official medical examiner's conclusion of murder. >> based on this examination the cause of death remains unknown. >> reporter: but repeatedly, under harsh cross-examination by prosecutors -- >> no, that's not what i'm saying. >> reporter: dr. spitz whose career includes investigating the assassination of jfk appe appeared confused. >> i don't know how to even understand this document. i don't remember who those people were. i couldn't tell you. >> reporter: then he got angry. calling the medical examiner's decision to leave caylee's skull in tact during the autopsy a mistake. >> that tells me about a shotty autopsy. a shotty autopsy because if the head is not opened, what else
6:36 am
wasn't? >> the positioning of the duct tape. >> reporter: dr. william rodriguez was not allowed to testify about the alleged murder weapon. duct tape over caylee's mouth and nose. the judge discovered he had shared his analysis with casey's lawyer, jose biaz but he never disclosed that to the state, as required by florida law. >> it appears to me this was intentional. this was not some inadvertent slip. >> the judge did not announce if there will be sanctions, but if they are, the defense attorney could face a rare contempt of court charge. more than an embarrassing moment, a possible ethical breach in the middle of a trial where, if convicted, his client, casey anthony, could be sentenced to death. for "today" kerry sanders nbc, orlando. >> will all this lead to a contempt of court case against
6:37 am
antho anthony's lawyer. beth karas is a correspondent on trutv. beth, good morning, thanks for joining us, again. >> good morning, lester. >> testifying that duct tape, the positioning of it couldn't be determined because of the decomposition. that in the judge's view was an ambush, meaning what? >> meaning that the prosecution didn't have notice he was going to render that opinion. the law is and the judge's order from early this year in january was that all experts on both sides have to prepare a written report and every opinion to be given at the trial must be in that report so that each side is prepared to cross examine and rebut with their own witnesses. this opinion about the duct tape was rendered and told to jose biaz some time ago and never put in the report. he wasn't allowed to testify to it, but he may be allowed to testify tomorrow because the judge isn't going to punish casey for her lawyer's misdeed.
6:38 am
>> yes, but do jurys sometimes punish the defendant because of their deception by their attorney? >> sometimes that happens. you have to be careful of that. the jurors were not aware of a lot of the chastising by the judge. they don't know that this is going on. they see sidebars and they wonder what's going on and you have to be careful as the judge, as the lawyers to make sure that jurors are not going to hold it against the defendant because that's wrong. it's not casey anthony's fault that her lawyer did this. this testimony will probably come in, but the judge may instruct the jury that it was disclosed late in the game and they can use that to assess the credibility of the witness. >> athere was also compelling testimony given about the duct tape by dr. warren spitz. how effective was he? a man from a lot of experience. went on to call the work of the medical examiner shotty in this case.
6:39 am
>> it is hard to say how effective he was. but the prosecutor really gave him a hard time on cross-examination, but when he said it was his opinion that the duct tape was placed on the skull after it was skeletonized. that mean somebody went into the woods, found her, put the duct tape on it and walked away. it just, in ashton's opinion, doesn't hold water. it doesn't make sense that somebody would do that. who would do that? that is what the defense, i guess, is trying to identify. >> but he also said the skull wasn't opened up during the autopsy. this is gruesome to talk about. he opened it up in a second autopsy and i understand during this point of the testimony and some of the images shown that casey broke down. >> she looked away. she was crying. i saw tears roll down her face. she was crying. her mother looked away, as well. her father, i believe, was not in the courtroom at that point. there was nothing in the skull, lester. you could see inside it.
6:40 am
it was just a prestanding skull. you could look inside. there was no brain to analyze. that's why skulls are analyzed. there was no reason, according to him. if that wasn't opened, what else wasn't opened? i was scratching my head. there were bones that were all detached on the table. there was nothing else to open. >> beth karas, thank you very much, i appreciate it. we're back right after these messages. finally, there's a choice for my patients with an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem. today we have pradaxa to reduce the risk of a stroke caused by a clot. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin.
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it was the wedding of the decade, and now prince william and princess catherine are on the verge of making their first official trip as husband and wife to america. nbc ron allen is live outside buckingham palace with some of the details. hey, ron, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. before america the couple goes to canada. one of the countries that they'll be queen and king of it all goes to royal plan. the palace says it's all about business, but all the buzz will be about the new princess and
6:44 am
how she handles her appearance on the american stage. since their wedding day, the duke and duchess of cambridge have been trying to show a more common touch. royal watchers pointing out that catherine has worn some of her outfits, british made, of course, twice. the first official visit to the u.s. next month, the couple have a royal staff of just seven, mostly press and private secretaries. >> because they don't want to be criticized for being too extravagant in these times of austerity. >> reporter: so, no personal dresser or ladies in waiting for kate. >> i put on my clothes all my life until now. >> reporter: it will be a far cry and inevitably compared to charles and diana first glitzy visit back in 1985. a dinner hosted by the president. diana dancing with john travolta. this generation's brush with celebrities will happen at a
6:45 am
hollywood black tie reception. prince william, as head of the british film association trying to promote actors and artists and their work. also in santa barbara at an exclusive polo club, the prince will indulge in one of his passions, a charity match where members are said to be ponying up tens of thousands each to share the field. and for our own "today" show contributor, she will have the honor of preparing lunch. >> what was your reaction when you heard this news? >> ann, at first i was crazy nervous, but now i'm just purely excited. >> reporter: however, through it all, most eyes will be on the newly wed princess. the palace says she has no plans for separate solo events and no plans to speak publicly. while every step she takes and every look she takes on will be analyzed. >> kate is somebody that the american public, they think that she's beautiful, of course, but they also see her as a commoner,
6:46 am
a princess and became his wife. >> well, the hype is already under way. if you're wondering why california, prince charles was in washington, d.c., recently and prince harry was in new york and the royals like to spread themselves around america. jenna, back to you. >> got to hit the west coast. ron allen, thank you. now, here's lester. ♪ ♪ like father like son ♪ now to our father's day series, like father, like son. for richard and kyle petty, it is all about family tradition and life in the fast lane. richard petty is a nascar icon and for both of them, racing is just one of the bonds that brings them together. some people call this a sport. if you're a petty, however, you call it the family business. >> in the back yard with the race car.
6:47 am
kind of deal if we didn't run good on sunday, we didn't eat on monday. >> reporter: richard and his son, kyle, represent two of the four generations of drivers to carry the petty name. lee petty was one of the pioneers of stock car racing. richard followed in his dad's shoes and went on to become nascar's winningest driver. earning the nickname, the king. was it a foregone conclusion, you'd get into driving? >> probably. i tried to talk him into driving earlier than he'd let me. i went to him when i was 18 and he said come back when you're 21. he said, there's a car in the corner, get in it and go. >> reporter: to say kyle raced for 30 years had it in his blood is an understatement. >> i joke and tell everybody that i thought everybody's parents drove a race car. >> when he was 18 years old he
6:48 am
got lucky and won the first race he was in. this may not be too bad of a deal. >> you heard you got lucky? >> i know that. >> reporter: this father and son are immensely proud of each other. >> always a fan of sports and then a richard petty fan. >> from the standpoint that you want your son to do better than you did. >> reporter: today both pettys are retired from driving, but not the sport. any big plans for father's day? >> i think we're going to a race track. that's where we've been in the past. >> reporter: kyle now a racing analyst for tnt also helps run this extraordinary nascar-themed camp for sick and disabled children in randallman, north carolina, called victory junction. >> yes! >> reporter: it was inspired by the fourth generation of petty race car drivers. number 45, adam, who died in a
6:49 am
crash at the age of 19 while practicing for a race. >> the happiest he ever was was when he was in a race car or at a race track or with race people. and, you know, he started doing stuff with sprint and going to children's hospitals because you have a 19-year-old kid coming in talking to kids in a hospital. that was a big deal and the camp was just a continuation of that. >> i think we had about 15,000 kids go through here so far. that's just a bunch of kids that wouldn't normally get to do something like this. >> reporter: on the track, the pettys were a dynasty. always the notion that these are big shoes to fill and following the footsteps of your father. did that put pressure of you as you got in? >> i don't think so. i said this a million times. if you could, if you could go back and sit my grandfather on that end and my son, adam, on that end. we were four totally different people with four different
6:50 am
personality. the common denominator was the passion and the race track. >> reporter: today, this legendary family measures victories one smile at a time. i got to think that father's day is a pretty bitter sweet time around here? >> you know, it is, obviously. you know, adam was a special kid and sometimes when you lose a child, i think we looked at it and said we were blessed for 19 years. father's day is a great time when you look at it. father's day falls in the middle of camp and in the middle of camp, there's always 120 kids that treat you like it's your day. it's a great day at camp. >> kyle has two other children who are not in racing and he said that's a great thing, as well. to have kids go their own way. if they want to do what their dad does, that is a cool thing. >> same passion, many generations. we'll be right back, but, first, these messages. well, we've been left behind by so many mops and brooms...
6:51 am
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tonight's 51 contestants will take center stage in las vegas hoping to be crowned miss usa 2011. what can you expect? joining us now rocc oo who is a judge and also with us current miss usa. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> look at you. >> let me start with you, you're getting ready to hand over your title to someone else. i want to ask you what the last year has been like for you. the first arab american, the first muslim woman to win and hold this title. what has the theme been like for you over the course of the year?
6:54 am
>> it has gone by quickly now that i look back on it. i had a really busy year. 13 months and a few days. i think that's a pretty long standing year and i didn't know when i won, but i'm proud to say i have broken a lot of stereotypes and barriers. it's been a blessed year for me. >> rocco, let me ask you -- >> now she is thinking about going to law school. >> with the university of michigan degree, go, blue. >> you were a judge, last time you were a judge was in 2007. you were judging the contest when one of the contestants miss south carolina had a little break down. was it hard for you to watch and what advice do you have for this year's contestants in that category? >> i remember that moment extremely well because it seemed
6:55 am
like she was the winner up to that point and then when the q and a happened all the judges looked at each other and sort of went, is it going to be, yeah, it's going to have to go to the next person and that was definitely a deciding factor. so, i think for the miss usa contestants. be yourself and be natural and don't create a new persona. be genuine and you'll sound much better than someone who is trying to be someone they're not. >> you were in the competition, is it considered a defining moment? >> for me i think -- i was asked this question by the contestants because i think they're nervous about personal interview and on-stage question. when they heard my response, that's my favorite part. for me, it's when i can show the judges, first, my personality and second is being educated. you know what i mean because mr. trump even said it to the contestants in new york. 50% is beauty. the rest is when you open your mouth and what you say. >> we want to thank both of you.
6:56 am
we look forward to watching it tonight. thank you, both. you can watch, again, miss usa ea11 starting at 00 p.m. nb ern on nbc. we're back right after these messages. ♪ ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] smart like a volkswagen. the 2012 cc. ♪ [ pneumatic wrench buzzing ] [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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i was good today, i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, you're welcome. thank you! [ female announcer ] yoplait light. withlicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. let's check back with david gregory now to find out what's coming up on "meet the press." good morning, again. >> good morning. coming up some members of congress demanding that the white house seek approval. joining me this morning to debate, dick durbin and republican senator lindsey graham. all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> david, thanks very much. that's going to do it for us on a father's day sunday. happy father's day.
6:59 am
melissa francis, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. our interview with michael jackson's sister,


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